Renting a pop up store in Paris – Le Marais district

Rent a pop up store in the Marais in Paris to test your ideas for a week-end, a week or a even a month? This is exactly why we’ve opened up our spaces, all located in one of the most fashionable and touristy neighbourhoods in Paris. We manage seven pop up shops with storefronts which were renovated to do just that : to host your sales, events and ideas!

The Marais is one of the oldest districts in Paris, and is known today as one of the trendiest neighborhoods in town. Concept stores, young designer boutiques, international brands, this is without doubt a shopping destination!

The most exciting young fashion designers congregate around rue Charlot.

“For a full blown shopping jaunt amid fresh designer boutiques coveted by in-the-know fashionistas, you can’t beat the rue Charlot area in the Haut Marais. In this predominantly 17th-century part of town, discreet facades reveal next-generation French labels, hidden vintage boutiques and jewellery makers – the lot interspersed with avant-garde art galleries and cool cafés”.

Time Out Paris – Paris’ hottest shopping area

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rent a pop up store in Paris
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rent a pop up store in Paris
Renting a pop up shop in paris france
Pop up store for rent in Paris Marais district
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Renting a pop up store in the Marais – Paris

Leading designers and “avant garde” shops have gathered in the Haut Marais area, around rue Charlot, rue Debelleyme, rue Vieille du Temple and rue de Poitou. You’ll find them along side national brands like Zadig & Voltaire, American Apparel, Comptoir des Cotonniers or APC. And guess what, this is exactly where you’ll find our pop up spaces : 54 rue Charlot, 21 rue Debelleyme, 22 rue Debelleyme, 35 rue Debelleyme, 98 rue de Turenne, 28 rue Saint Gilles and 20 rue Saint Claude.

Casual wear and street fashion are at the heart of shopping in the cool Marais district in the 3e.

“Young designers congregate in the northern Marais around rue de Turenne and rue Charlot.”

Lonely Planet – Where to shop in Paris


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